Naked Color is inspired by how designers see the cars they imagined. Having graduated from Transport Design (Coventry University), I have a deep understanding and passion for car design. This drives me to represent the cars in this etherial state and allows the viewer to see them from a new perspective.
Naked Color removes the context of how cars are commonly observed, stripped of background, reflection, and reference to orientation. The lighting stye reveals new details and forms in cars we otherwise think we know. The color saturates the scene to add to the abstractness and a unique graphic quality to the series.
The lighting is a mix of hard and soft qualities placed specifically to emphasise the paint and form of the vehicles. The cars are dominated by a single hard light source that leaves the visible side of the car in the shadow. A soft glow illuminates that dark side to give the cars a lighting ratio similar to portraiture. The light is reflected from the paper white ground adding detail to lower surfaces of the body and give the upper surfaces a dark contrasting definition. The paint colors are able to show their best without mixing in with other color or reflections, truly naked and honest.
The originals of the style was developed from the restrictive areas that the cars were originally captured, such as underground parking structures, museums and warehouses with lots of surrounding clutter. The technique allows for the cars to be captured almost anywhere that’s not competing with sunlight. The result are shots that have an overall consistent look despite the location. This has lets me to capture cars that would have otherwise been troublesome to get into a studio or otherwise move. 
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