Born with a passion for cars, perhaps amplified from the footwell seating for my cot in an Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato or perched on the transmission tunnel on a Jaguar E-Type as an infant. I furthered my passion when choosing my education, graduating from the Coventry University Transport Design course in 1993. Moving to Los Angeles in 2015 only intensified this interest, especially once I added the photography layer.
The many car events attended during those first five years in LA created a network of contacts and a deep list of cars to capture.  The Naked Color series launched in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and a lack of automotive events. This style of the series has continued to developed and be refined since.
My work has been published in print and digital, including Retromotive, Avant and Petrolicious. I've had the honorable pleasure of shooting cars in the top Southern California museums including The Petersen, Mullin, Marconi, Zimmerman Automotive Driving Museums.
My digital collection 'Genesis 500' was launched in 2021 and sold out quickly. A second collection 'G1500' released a few months afterward, both through a close partnership with GarageXYZ. Check out the art or purchase a piece on Opensea.
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