​​​​​​Garage is a democratic web 3.0 community collectively working to unlock access to the cars, people, and experiences we dream about but have no other way to realize. Membership in Garage is recorded on the Blockchain and defined by ownership of a membership token.

Each token features unique art remastered from the Naked Color collection. No images are repeated, all images shadows and backgrounds are recolored derived from an exclusive palette of 92 colors developed for the series.
The first collection, Genesis500, sold out in 2 days. View angles of the 500 images were limited to sides, fronts and rears. The second collection opened the views up offering 1,500 more from the collection. 
Both collections can be found on Opensea, Garage continues to push forward with connecting automotive fans with their dreams with an active Discord channel, a driver sponsorship program and partnerships with some of the best names in the industry, like advisor ex-Ferrari F1 driver Stefan Johansson, top indy driver Scott Dixon, and Julia Landauer competing in the Nascar Xfinity series.
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